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Collins British Wildlife

10.99 usd

The Collins British Wildlife Photoguide is an interactive version of the popular Collins Complete British Wildlife Photoguide. This easy-to-use guide features more than 1500 species most likely to be encountered (with photo images and text descriptions). It also describes some unusual species that are striking and therefore likely to attract attention.NB: Please note that an additional download of 24MB is required once this app has been installed. Please ensure you use a WiFi connection to prevent additional data costs.
FEATURES: Over 1500 images Swipe to move to the next or previous species One-tap enlargement of images with extended zoom functionality The ability to compare any two species side-by-side on a single screen Real-time search *A basic personal species list that stores your sightings saved to the device (ability to upload list coming soon)
CATEGORIES: Mammals Birds Reptiles Amphibians Fish Butterflies & Moths Insects Spiders Molluscs Crustaceans Invertebrates Trees & Shrubs Wild Flowers Grasses, Rushes & Sedges Lower Plants Fungi
* Uninstalling/reinstalling the program will result in the loss of your list, it is recommended that you keep your own backup (master list) separate from the application (application provides backup/restore functionality in "My List" page)
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